About Yvonne

Sustainable Beauty

“I believe in products and treatments that deliver sustainable results for the client without long-term damage. Whilst there should always be constant exploration in finding new ways to bring about better products and treatments; the art and wisdom of our past pioneers must not be forgotten and should be used in conjunction with modern science.”

Yvonne Martin


Yvonne Martin is one of the UK’s leading facialists and has become a notable expert within the beauty industry, particularly on the subjects of facial care and sustainable wellbeing.

Yvonne’s boutique clinic, in the heart of Little Venice, London, has earned an excellent reputation, whilst attracting a celebrity clientele. The clinic is regularly featured in the top beauty press including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

Yvonne’s prestigious training, teamed with her natural intuition, is something she instills in each and every therapist at the clinic. She also continues to pioneer new progressive techniques and products to drive results.

With an acute understanding of anatomy and the science of ingredients in skincare products, clients can expect a well-informed diagnosis and treatments by both advanced and traditional manual procedures.

Yvonne and her team ensure that all clients receive the highest quality treatments and advice, which is paramount at her clinic. This is the perfect recipe for toned muscles, glowing skin and optimum nutritional wellbeing.




The Art Of Beauty

Past Inspirations

Art in all its forms (theatre, dance, paintings and music) and nature is what inspires me, in how I think, and in everything I do. With both art and nature, it fascinates me the way both the visual and its content changes meaning depending on the individual looking it.

As with all things visual, beauty is subjective, “it’s in the eye of the beholder” is very true.

Studying health and skincare at a young age opened my eyes in so many ways. Firstly, receiving great training was excellent and taught by tough women who were perfectionists who cared about high standards. Also having an in depth understanding of anatomy, knowing the body well is empowering and using the training to help other people feel good about themselves is very rewarding.

Taking care of oneself is essential, because as I always say...

"you are worth it, it’s about balance and being respectful to yourself, vanity it isn’t! That’s about being self absorbed, a narcissist and obsessive."

Beauty in this so called “world of beauty” is a word that is so misused... I’d like to change the word to self care or self respect. Beauty is internal as well.





Future Development

What to expect

Yvonne will start to develop her own range of cleansers and oils within the next few months.

Her other projects will be exploring and/or developing new well being concepts and products.