Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

All facial treatments including our unique facial massage are bespoke to your skin’s needs. Therefore, when booking an appointment, please discuss your concerns with our front of house team who will advise you accordingly.

If you have not received a facial treatment within the last 2 - 3 months we advise both our new and existing clients a minimum of 90 minutes for a deep cleanse facial to achieve optimum results.

After an initial consultation, one of our team of facialists will formulize your treatment plan using a combination of techniques and disciplines to achieve the best results- driven facial.

This may comprise of one or more of the following:

Dry exfoliation or Wet exfoliation: Gommage paste Fruit acids which permeates more intensely

Prepares skin for easy extraction
Encourages cell renewal
Facilitates penetration of oils/serums active ingredients into the skin

Various Peels: various cosmeceuticals and organic

Corrects epidermal pigmentation
Fights photo damage
Softens fine lines
Improves skin texture and scarring
Encourages cell regeneration

Steaming with hot towels: To aid with extraction of milia and comedones

Various masks: Custom selected

May calm or stimulate and heal the skin
Illuminates dehydrated skin
Mattifies excess sebum/acne problems



Various treatments which can be used in conjunction with the facial:

Ionzyme: The Ionzyme DF machine is at the very forefront of scientific advancement. The machine introduces the use of Pulsed Iontophoresis - Electrical currents pulsated to facilitate penetration of vitamins into the skins cells The specific products applied in these treatments are high in Vitamins A and C, which are essential for maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion.

High Frequency: A gentle and non-invasive oscillating current, commonly used in facials. A glass electrode is applied to the skin with an oxygen cream. This produces an antibacterial effect on the skin, increasing cell oxygenation by stimulating blood flow, whilst dilating superficial blood vessels and aiding lymphatic drainage.

Galvanic: The galvanic current passes through small electrodes which are placed directly onto the skin encouraging the product to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers. A good treatment for deep cleansing and intense hydration.

Vacuum suction: Glass cups are placed on the face and neck, gently encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Cosmetic Dermal Roller: Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) is an anti-ageing treatment promoting the formation of new collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity. This technique has proven effective against over dilated blood vessels as well as scarring caused by burns or acne which is achieved by replacing scar collagen with normal collagen. A safe epidermal treatment with multiple benefits.



A combination of some or all of these techniques may be incorporated throughout a treatment:

Deep lifting anti-aging: Firms and tones the facial muscles.

Lymphatic drainage: Flushes out impurities, improves water retention/puffiness.

Acupressure: Relieves tension through gentle pressure to various points of the face which are specifically related to connecting organs.

Jacquet method: A pinching massage technique, originated in the 1930s by a French doctor. This technique is carried out in varying degrees of intensity depending on the skin’s condition which both encourages or slows down the sebaceous secretions in order to achieve the desired results.

All of the above massage techniques break down toxins which can lead to congestion. This increased blood flow encourages oxidization and cell renewal.

This is a vital component for skin rejuvenation and has a very powerful effect on contouring the facial features.


Ultimate Bespoke Facial
2 Hours

Yvonne: £375

Kat: £250
Therapist: £230


Bespoke Facial
1.5 Hours

Yvonne: £300

Kat: £210
Therapist: £185


Bespoke Facial
1 hour

Kat: £165

Therapist: £140


Biologique Recherche Facial
75 Minutes

Kat: £220

Therapist: £190

This facial uses high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts.


Face Fix  Drain, tone & sculpt
40 Minutes

Yvonne: £135

Kat: £100
Therapist: £70

This is just facial massage using a blend of organic essential oils.


Four Dimensional Cleanse "It's simply ALL about the cleanse" 
45 Minutes

Therapist: £85

Triple cleanse with massage throughout including steam and extractions


The Ultimate Power Facial - consists of a cocktail of potent ingredients, using various disciplines in conjunction with our specialist facial tools which will have you see visual results immediately.

2 hours and 15 minutes

Therapist: £350


Eye Contour & Freeze Frown Treatment - to soften deep frown lines, reduces puffiness and lines around the eye area.
75 Minutes

Therapist: £140


CST Roller for Face and Neck (Collagen Stimulation Roller)
1.5 Hours

Kat: £300
Therapist: £300


Follow Up Treatment for Face and Neck
1.5 Hours

Kat: £250
Therapist: £250


Course Of 6 Follow Up Treatments for Face and Neck
1.5 Hours

Therapist / Kat: £1,200
(£200 per treatment)


CST  Body Roller  (Collagen Stimulation Roller)
1.5 Hours

Kat: £400
Therapist: £400


Follow Up Body CST Treatment
1.5 Hours

Kat: £350
Therapist: £350


Course Of 4 Body CST Follow Up Treatments
1.5 Hours

Therapist / Kat: £1,120
(£280 per treatment)