Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty


Snacking throughout the day for great skin and energy.

To keep up your energy levels throughout the day and bring that sparkle back to your eyes you have to look further than skin deep. Remember your skin is a manifestation of what’s going on in the inside. This will also get your skin glowing and soften any fine lines.

Put portions of the below selection onto an inspiring plate;

Strawberries: a good source of salicylic acid. 

Blueberries: a good antioxidant.

Walnuts: They have the highest amount of omega 3 found in any nut. They are also rich in B Vitamins, Vitamin E and magnesium.

Pumpkin seeds: have a high amount of zinc which is great for problematic skin.

Dried fruits: dates are great when you need a boost of energy.

* Put cling film over the food plate and keep on your desk at work or wherever you spend most of your time. If you are driving your car regularly, put each food portion separately into a sandwich bag and then keep fresh in a plastic container.


Simple Super Foods

Fruit and vegetables with high water content: e.g. water melon, celery, carrots and cucumber, are gentle diuretics, and essential for inner cleansing and hydration. Carry raw vegetables in a little sandwich bag to keep up energy levels.

Watercress: Try to eat three or four times a week. Watercress contains lots of potassium, is rich in sulphur compounds and has benzyl which is an effective antibiotic.

Raw Beetroot: is great for circulation and infections.

Broccoli: a good all round green, rich in folic acid and vitamin C and K.

Alfalfa sprouts or radish sprouts: rich in vitamin C and other nourishing minerals.

Organic brown rice: a good carbohydrate and body cleanser.

Alternative milks: Try to drink soya or almond milk and keep wheat to a minimum if you have allergies.