Facial Tips

Facial Tips


Unique facial massage plays an essential part in achieving amazing results.

A combination of anti-ageing deep-lifting movements along with lymphatic drainage helps to flush out impurities. Each, in turn, breaks down toxins which can lead to congestion. This, alongside the use of acupressure, (specific points in the face which in Chinese medicine relates to various organs in the body) improves the blood flow and helps to heal and release tension within the skin, feeding it with nutrients and a fresh supply of oxygen.

Here Yvonne shows you how you can do this at home...


For skin balance
(Pinching Movement by Dr Jacquette)

Begin by placing one hand on the right and one hand on the left of the face.
Use the thumb, middle and index finger closed together to firmly pinch the face all over and then the neck.


For drainage

With the flat of one hand placed on the decollate, massage in large upwards circular movements going towards the ear and behind the neck. (direction is clockwise if on your right side and an anti-clockwise if on your left side). Do not forget to massage the back of your neck.


For eyes

Using acupressure, work on both eyes at the same time. Focus on the inner, middle and outer points of the brows. Place the Index finger on top of the middle finger and firmly press for a count of 5 on the individual 3 points on the brow.

For the under the eye area, work from the outer face to inner nose, concentrate on four points applying the same technique (noted above), directly on to the bone.