Thorough Cleansing

Thorough Cleansing


Cleansing to achieve healthy strong skin.

Don’t let pollution ruin your skin. Whether you wear makeup or not, the face and neck pick up all sorts of debris from the polluted environment and any nourishment you apply on top of this will not work as effectively.

Approximately 95% of people I talk to do not know how to cleanse their skin correctly. The problem is not helped by the fact that the guidelines on the products that we purchase, aren't the most effective way to cleanse.

Here is how to cleanse for beautiful skin...


First cleanse

To remove surplus pollution or make-up.

1  Apply cleansing cream, milk or oil onto the décolleté, neck and face.

2  Massage into the neck (remember behind the neck also) and face using circular movements in an upward direction. Do this for about 30 seconds.

3  Splash warm water on the neck and face and massage for a few seconds.

4  Then take a hot wet muslin face cloth or wet cotton pads and remove product. (NOT COLD! How can all that oil and grime be dissolved with cold water?)


Second Cleanse

This is a deeper cleanse in order to dissolve/prevent comedones.

Do the same as the above but massage cleanser in to skin until all the product has absorbed (3 mins or so) then emulsify cleanser with hot water.



You only need to apply the cleanser once and rinse off to remove perspiration and sebum collected overnight.



The best time of night to cleanse in early evening so good practical tip is to cleanse your skin just before or directly after your evening meal and always DOUBLE CLEANSE.